8 de dezembro de 2008

Here Today, de Paul McCartney: Emocionante tributo a John Lennon

Here Today
Paul McCartney

And if I say I really knew you well
What would your answer be.
If you were here today.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- here to - day.

Well knowing you,
Youd probably laugh and say that we were worlds apart.
If you were here today.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- here to - day.

But as for me,
I still remember how it was before.
And I am holding back the tears no more.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- I love you, ooh-

What about the time we met,
Well I suppose that you could say that we were playing hard to get.
Didnt understand a thing.
But we could always sing.

What about the night we cried,
Because there wasnt any reason left to keep it all inside.
Never understood a word.
But you were always there with a smile.

And if I say I really loved you
And was glad you came along.

If you were here today.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- for you were in my song.
Ooh- ooh- ooh- here to - day.

Em tributo à memória de John Lennon, assassinado com cinco tiros ao chegar em casa no dia 8 de dezembro de 1980. Trouxe para os leitores do Blog do Lobo um singelo vídeo com a mais linda e comovente versão da música Here Today, capturada durante uma apresentação secreta de Paul McCartney, dia 27 de junho de 1981 na loja de discos Amoeba, em Los Angeles para uma pequena platéia. A emoção de Sir Paul é visível e contagiante. No segundo vídeo McCartney fala sobre a música e a expontaneidade ao criá-la e mostra a gravação da música no estúdio, onde Paul e George Martin conversam sobre o arranjo. A morte de John pegou McCartney no meio ds gravações para o álbum Tug of War , lançado em 1982. Espero que você curta a homenagem.

Tug of WarPaul McCartney disse: "The truth of the matter is when John died it was so weird for everyone and obviously for those of us that were near to him it was doubly, triply weird and then there was the obvious sort of thing is anyone going to write a song about John because obviously certainly we all felt deeply enough and normally when we felt deeply enough we committed it to song. I was wondering if I was going to do it but I thought I'm not going to sit down and try to do it but if anything comes sometime I'll do it. I was one day just sitting quietly in this little room with my guitar and these chords started coming out and I started having these thoughts as if I was talking to myself to John about our relationship and stuff and obviously one of the things that had been funny for me was this idea of when the Beatles broke up we became "almost enemies" for a time. But I knew we weren't and I know for a fact he knew we weren't too because independently of each other we'd talked nicely of each other but there was a pride thing of two men very difficult business and all that." (fonte: http://www.songfacts.com)

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  1. Olá Scubi - Um lembrete: essa apresentação de Paul foi no ano passado. A música é que é de 1981. Obra prima. Cheers !


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